Hunting the Northern Lights - private tour

Green Tours is a small adventure company in Alta, Finnmark with a very simple concept: We offer private tours for hunting the northern lights. Our main goal is to give you an unforgettable evening. No one can give a 100% guarantee to see the northern lights, of course, but our local knowledge of the weather and the area will give you the best possible chance, and you'll be in good company no matter what the outcome overhead.

When you book a northern lights hunt with us, the only other people on the tour are the people you bring along. The tour will take you to any of several different locations around the area that only we have access to. Your guide for the evening will be a local resident with a deep understanding and pride for the area we live in, and they will share stories of life here in the arctic and about the history of the region, around a crackling fire as you wait for the northern lights.

If the aurora appears overhead, your guide will do whatever is necessary to help you get the best possible photo-memories of the occasion. You can get help if needed to capture the show with your own gear, or you can just enjoy the show and let us take the pictures with our own professional cameras. If we get an especially strong and active show, we can even take real-time film along with the still pictures. All of the pictures and film clips from the evening's tour are included in the price, and will be sent to your email after the tour's conclusion.

And for the trip itself, you'll be traveling in green style in a Tesla Model X. It's the perfect car for hunting the northern lights: safe, tough, environmentally friendly, comfortable… and cool!

Included in the price:
Private guided northern lights hunt for between 1-5 guests. Tour time is between 4-5 hours
Snacks and a light meal, with locally-produced hot chocolate and coffee
Pictures and film from the tour
Simple and clear briefing about the northern lights and the current weather patterns.
Extra clothing if needed

To book a tour:
The northern lights hunt is a private, exclusive tour for you and your travel companions, from between 1-5 people. Choose the number of guests here.

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