15 Km Morning Dogsled Tour

Dogsledding is especially important and popular in the Alta area, as the city is the host, starting and ending point for Finnmarksløpet, the world's second-longest dogsled race. Come take a ride and discover the fun and excitement of traveling by dog power.

We will bring you to our farm from Alta, make sure you are properly outfitted and instructed on how to control the sled, and then you're off on your ride through the nearby forest. The morning tour will give you the best views in the arctic day; while the afternoon tour gives you the exhilaration of traveling through a twilight or nighttime forest.

Afterwards, you'll meet in our lavvo tent for hot drinks and fun conversation about raising and racing husky dogs. And of course, there will be some extra time to visit and take pictures of your new four-legged friends, before returning to Alta again.

The tour includes:
- Transport from and to Alta city center
- Thermal suits if needed for weather
- Proper instruction on handling the dogsled
- The tour, approx. 15 km, traveling with guides from Holmen Husky
- Hot drinks (coffee or blackcurrant) and conversation afterwards

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