Arctic Light Experience by snowmobile (2,5 hours) & Igloo Hotel visit

Datum: Samstag 15 dez 2018 - Mittwoch 17 Apr 2019 Karte anzeigen

Experience the Arctic Light and the beautiful scenery of one of the worlds last wildernesses with snowmobiles from Sorrisniva through the Alta Valley and up to the Finnmark Plateau.

This tour will give you the opportunity to experience the Arctic light and nature while driving with snowmobiles from Sorrisniva through the Alta Valley and up to the Finnmark Plateau. The sun and the Arctic light vary during the winter season and provide a wonderful light on the horizon. This special light can be seen in a better way once we go up on the Finnmark plateau with its wide, white snow covered expanse.

Before the tour starts the guide will give you driving and safety instructions. We start the tour outside the Igloo Hotel and follow the snowmobile trail through the forest and up to the vast covered Finnmark Plateau, one of Europes last wildreness areas. On the tour we might also see traces from wild animals.

Choose the number of snowmobiles you want and join us on a wonderful adventure. Two people can share the one snowmobile, or you can drive one each. Select this option in the next step of booking. Driver and passenger may switch places. Drivers license for car is required for drivers of the snowmobiles.

After the tour a visit to the Igloo Hotel is included. The Igloo Hotel is the Worlds northernmost ice hotel and consists of rooms, chapel, gallery and a bar.

Transfer must be booked extra, and can be booked on request.

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