Cube Stereo - size Small

Datum: Dienstag 16 okt 2018 - Donnerstag 1 Nov 2018

We offer Cube Stereo Race 120 rental bikes!
Cube Stereo Race 120 - Full suspension Mountain bike size Small
A 29 inch, full suspension mountain bike that will handle all challenges you give it!
This bike is easy to handle, and it will put a smile on your fa

If you have only tried hard tail bikes, maybe even only 26 inchers, the experience of trying a full suspension 29 incher designed for challenging terrain, is quite overwhelming.
This bike will swallow any bumps and make the journey comfortable, it will increase your sense of control and give you a sense of mastery. We really recomend this bike!
Vi leier også ut sykler til Offroad Finnmark og andre sykkelritt.
We also rent out bikes for Offroad Finnmak and other bikeraces.

Deposit applicable.

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